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By: Newmac Animal Feeds | May 21, 2014

    Inorder to get this blog business going, I thought I’d start by giving everyonesome information on the brands we carry. The idea here is to dedicate a wholeblog post to each of the brands we carry. We’re going to go more in-depth withingredients, outline the pros and cons, list comparable foods, talk a bit aboutprice point, and also try to give you an idea of any issues the food could helpremedy.


    Petfood can be pretty controversial, believe it or not. Despite my own opinions, I’mgoing to be as unbiased as possible while talking about each brand. Before wedive in, I want to answer a few questions we get asked pretty regularly aroundhere.


Am I feeding my dog agood food?


    We could really get into this question and start analyzing theingredients right there at the counter, or we can ask you a question in return.

Does your pet do well on it?

This isn’t something you should answer right away. It’s ahomework question. Go home and start making some observations. There are a fewthings you should look at.

Stool size. Ifyou’re on cleanup duty out in the yard and constantly thinking “How does thisdog produce so much poop!?” it could be due to a large amount of fiber in yourdog or cat’s food. Large amounts of fiber can also mean large amounts of filler.

Smell. Does yourdog constantly stink despite regular bathing? Despite what lots of peoplethink, dogs don’t always have to smell bad.   Maybe you’ve got bad luck and you just got asmelly dog, but maybe there is something in the food they are eating that doesn’tagree with them and it’s presenting itself as skin odor or gas.

Coat. If your pet’scoat feels dirty all the time, if their fur always looks dull, or even if theyhave dry skin or dandruff, you might want to try a new food. These are issuessome people look at and think “It’s just how my dog is.” Maybe your pet has anaturally wiry or coarse coat and it’s harder to tell.

Allergies. Yourpet might be on the best food money can buy, but if they’re allergic to aningredient in it, it’s not going to be very good. Watch for signs of itching,red skin, ear inflammation, and gastrointestinal problems.

                Theseare just a few things to consider. If you think your dog could be doing better,try a different food. If it doesn’t work out, you can always return it to usand we’ll find something that does work for you.


What is the best petfood in your store?


    There isn’t really a short answer to this. It’s not aparticularly lengthy answer either, though, so bear with me. Dogs and cats,like people, are not all the same. Not only are there different breeds, buteach individual dog will react to each food in its own way. There is no “best” petfood, only what works best for your pet.   This, unfortunately, means that finding thebest food for them will require some trial and error. We can offer some suggestionsbased on breed, activity level, age, and other factors, but after that you justhave to wait and see.


When should I switchmy pet to a senior food?

    Most senior foods will list an age on the bag, but it really depends on each individual animal. If you've noticed that your pet is slowing down and they're not as active as they used to be, it's probably time to switch. You could also consider supplementing with Recovery,  BioJoint, or BioSenior for joint and other issues. 

What's the deal with corn, wheat, and soy?

    There is a lot of controversy that surrounds corn, wheat, and soy in pet food. I, personally, would not feed my dogs or cats anything that contained these ingredients. If your pet is thriving on a food that contains these ingredients, great! Pet food is about more than simply ingredients. Lots of pet food companies put less money into quality ingredients, and more money into researching how to make their food the best for you pet. The problem most people have with these ingredients is that they are low quality cereal grains found in plant or grain based dog foods. They are considered by many to be low quality fillers of very little nutrition. If you're concerned about these ingredients, it's best to find a food without them, perhaps even switch to grain free. I don't think anyone has ever argued that quality meat ingredients are bad for your pet.

    Many more questions will be answered in upcoming blog posts, so I think I'll leave it at that. If you have any questions, comments, concerns, or recommendations, feel free to contact us. If we don't receive and recommendations, we'll be blogging about each pet food in alphabetical order. This means we'll be starting with Acana by Champion Pet Foods! 

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